A Parent Empowered Enough to Tell It!

Mr. Marcus Desir, another articulate young man spoke to us about his journey to becoming an engineer and reminded us of the importance of net-working. Ms. Marie Saint-Cyr shared with us her art work and spoke about transitioning through College. The 21st Century Youth panel discussion was engaging.


All the panelists were exciting, articulate, enthusiastic and knowledgeable for their age.  I am so proud that they are our future! Panelist were: Ashley Burbano, Briana Gobourne, Michael Desir, Willie-Joe Hatcher  and Malaika Foster. Your Time For Creative Empowerment Self Empowering Workshop 2017 Thank You 21st Century - Youth Panelists

The day came to an end at 6:00 PM, and trust me when I tell you people were not in a hurry to leave. We had more time to network, took pictures, offered up thanks and thanked Mr. and Mrs. Lacy for their vision, insight and an excellent day of empowerment. When I got home in the late evening My son and his friends who attended spoke for hours on ‘how productive this day has been’.

As a parent, I would like to take this time to thank Mr. and Mrs. Lacy. Thank you for taking the time to care about our young people. Thanks for giving them a platform to express themselves and their creativity. Thanks for challenging us as parents to continue what we are doing so we can be our best for our children. Thanks for not leaving our young people alone after a scholarship but for staying in their lives and always inquiring, encouraging and making sure that they stay on the right path. Thanks for teaching them the power of giving back, and that when they are empowered, the importance of them empowering others. Thanks for taking the time to embrace the different forms of art and showcasing that in our multi-talented and gifted young people.”  – Sandra Morris-Aarons –




College and Workplace Strategies


Your Time For Creative Empowerment 2017 Self Empowerment IMG_3922
Dr. Melissa Gebbia YTFCE Self-Empowering Workshop 2017

Michael Desir’s Account

 “The workshop with Dr. Gebbia was a wonderfully enlightening one; her advice to young people was more than for those entering college from high school, but applied  to anyone going into a new educational or workplace opportunity. Teaching us to ‘build our houses’ first and recognize the various resources around us –not only from our college or university’s guidance department, but from personal mentors, prospective professors or department heads & community organizations which help us make it through the transition periods of our lives.”  – Michael Desir –


We extend a sincere Thank You to Mrs. Sandra Aarons and Mr. Michael Desir for their contributions and to participants who submitted post-event testimonials and letters which will soon be posted on our website’s Testimonial page

Saluting Our 2017 Creative Expressionists!

In addition to Ashley Burbano, Briana Gobourne, and Malaika Foster, we would like to acknowledge two other 2017 Creative Empowerment Arts Contest winners, Urooba Abid, the creative expressionist of  “Slaves to the System”, and Pierrelande Saint Cyr, author of “I am who I Am”-  who were out of town on the day of the workshop. You can read more about our winners and their work here .

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